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Kilimanjaro Summit Gear List

•  Leather or thermal boots

•  Gore-Tex, Microtex or K-Tech Trilaminate jacket

•  Gore-Tex, Microtex or K-Tech pants

•  Fleece jacket

•  Fleece pants

•  Gore-Tex mittens or gloves

•  Fleece gloves (use as inner for Gore-Tex mittens)

•  Thermal glove liners (use as inner for Gore-Tex gloves)

•  Gaiters

•  Fleece balaclava

•  Thermal balaclava

•  Thermal top

•  Thermal long johns

•  Thermal socks

•  Sunglasses with UV protection

•  Day pack

•  Head torch

•  Thermal flask

Kilimanjaro Trekking gear: (Wear between camps)

•  Rain suit or poncho (mainly used in the rain forest)

•  Hiking boots or cross trainers

•  Day pack

•  Short pants

•  Tracksuit pants

•  T-shirts

•  Sun hat (peak caps do not offer enough protection)

•  Woolen socks

•  Fleece beanie

•  Water bottle

Kilimanjaro General gear & equipment

•  Duffel bag

•  Walking stick (adjustable)

•  Sleeping bag (-10 rating)

•  Sleeping mat

Kilimanjaro Helpful hints

•  Drink at least three to four litres of water a day.

•  Use water filters and purifying pills to minimize stomach bugs.

•  Take enough snacks like energy bars, drink mixes, etc.

•  Do not move too fast, walk at a slow steady pace.

•  Move as lightly as possible, do not carry unnecessary weight.

•  All clothing in Duffel bags or backpacks must be protected with sack-liners to avoid getting wet, especially through the rainforest.

•  High factor lip balm and sun block is essential.

•  Nausea and headache pills should be kept handy on summit night.

•  Symptoms of altitude sickness can be reduced by using medication (consult your doctor).

•  New boots should be walked-in; this avoids blisters.

•  Use a sleeping mat when camping.

•  Use a thermal flask on summit night; other water bottles will freeze.

•  Allow camera or video camera to acclimatize; do not wrap or place them in plastic bags.

•  Thermal glove liners allow easier camera handling on the summit.

•  Use only new camera and headlamp batteries on summit night.

•  Guides and porters will expect tips; confirm amounts with your tour operator.

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